Death Race (2008) ( 2008 ) on Putlocker

IMDB: 6.4/10, RT: 43%, Metascore: 43%
Ex-con Jensen Ames is forced by the warden of a notorious prison to compete in our post-industrial world's most popular sport: a car race in which inmates must brutalize and kill one another on the road to victory.
Genres Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi
Released Aug 22 2008
Duration 111 minutes
Produced In USA Germany UK
Directed By Paul W.S. Anderson
Starring Jacob Vargas, Nathalie Girard, Robin Shou, Robert LaSardo, Joan Allen, Danny Blanco Hall, Ian McShane, Frederick Koehler, Jason Statham, John Fallon, Ruth Chiang, Tyrese Gibson, Sharlene Royer, Russell Ferrier, Bruce McFee, Christian Paul, David Carradine, Max Ryan, Jason Clarke, Janaya Stephens, Benz Antoine, Larry Goldstein
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