Beyond the Ring ( 2009 ) on Putlocker

IMDB: 3.8/10, RT: N/A, Metascore: N/A
Story line: played out but has potential. Acting: poor. Fight Choreography: good, highly technical. However, fight sequences are too short and at times can be see that no contact was made during the hit. Editing: good sound quality, good soundtrack, great visual effect that capture action. Actors and Fighters: Going back to choreography they did a good job sparing but everything else was on the poor side. In Summary: If you're a martial arts fan or fan of any of the fighter and like to see them in action, watch it and take it for what it is. However, even though its a low budget movie, I think Director should have put more effort and demanded more realism from his crew. Hope I didn't offend anyone too much
Genres Action, Drama, Family
Released Jan 08 2009
Duration 86 minutes
Produced In USA
Directed By Gerson Sanginitto
Starring Scott Brown, David Michie, Justice Smith, Brye Cooper, Gary Busey, Lateef Crowder, Jon-Paul Gates, Paul Johnson, Fernando Chien, Sam Stone, Martin Kove
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