Hamlet 2 ( 2008 ) on Putlocker

IMDB: 6.4/10, RT: 62%, Metascore: 54%
In this irreverent comedy, a failed actor-turned-worse-high-school-drama-teacher rallies his Tucson, AZ students as he conceives and stages politically incorrect musical sequel to Shakespeare's Hamlet
Genres Comedy
Released Aug 27 2008
Duration 92 minutes
Produced In USA
Directed By Andrew Fleming
Starring Nat Faxon, Lydia Zazueta, Josh Berry, Marco Rodríguez, Todd Anderson, Foued Zayani, Robert Anthony Brass, JD Garfield, Melonie Diaz, Tom Romero, Arron Shiver, John Hardman, Michael Esparza, Gabriel Romero, Elisabeth Shue, Frank Bond, Joseph Julian Soria, Evan Adrian, Jenny Gabrielle, David Arquette, Amy Poehler, Kevin Wiggins, Catherine Keener, Mary Evans, Z Ray Wakeman, Stephen Eiland, Phoebe Strole, Steve Coogan, Johnnie Hector, Marshall Bell
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